Promote Your Company -- and the RI Manufacturing Community -- During #MFGDay20

National Program Advances Careers in Modern Manufacturing

MFGDay20 (Manufacturing Day 2020) supports the manufacturing industry’s need for skilled workers by advancing the reality of modern manufacturing.

Each October, manufacturers put on events all over Rhode Island and the United States. MFG Day hosts welcome students, parents, teachers and community leaders to generate excitement around manufacturing careers.

Benefits of participating in Manufacturing Day include:

  • Recruiting -- connect with current job seekers, influence the next generation of creators
  • Public Relations -- events can help you grab the attention of local media and community influencers
  • Employee Morale -- current workers appreciate being recognized for the skilled contributions they make

In years past these events have included open houses, job fairs and bus tours. Even with COVID-19 safety protocols in place, there are many ways RI manufacturing companies can participate in this program. Here are few ideas:

  1. Conduct a virtual facility tour -- use the camera on your mobile phone or invest a little more for an ongoing recruitment tool
  2. Take part in RIMA's B2B & Manufacturing Week Kick-Off - an interactive virtual conference, Tuesday October 6
  3. Live stream a demo of a high-tech machine in use or a CAD design taking shape
  4. Host a Facebook live "Ask Me Anything" event, where students can ask employees what manufacturing careers are really like 
  5. Partner with a nearby school for a live panel presentation

Next Steps

Plan to host a program for students? Click here to register it on the national Creators Wanted website.

Think you'll skip 2020? You can still take advantage of the marketing opportunity generated by Manufacturing Day. Find content to share at and use the hashtag #MFGDay20. 

If you'd like to talk about possibilities with a Polaris MEP team member, and/or make sure you get alerts about RI-specific opportunities, fill out the form on this page.

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